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Transferring My Watercress Into a Small Swimming Pool Bucket

So, this is the outcome of my watercress garden. As you keep reading I will show you how I did mine. I know you have your own ways to plant your watercress, I also have my own way too. 
1. I removed all the leaves and then soak the bottom with water for a couple of weeks. I also have one set of watercress which I leave the top leaves and I mixed all them up. When they started to multiply I transferred them into a small pan. (TWO KINDS OF EXPERIMENT-WATERCRESS)
2. I dig a hole to fit the blue bucket(kids swimming pool bucket. Fill them with clean rocks and topsoil. Before I will forget, I also made 5-6 holes at the bottom of the bucket for drainage.

3. Now I am ready to cover my watercress with pure peat moss soil. This is my first time planting watercress, so I am hoping for the best. I like watercress a lot. 


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