I am Rudelyn Pence. Call me Lyn, Rudz, Ruddy, or Odelyn if you want.
I am a Mommy and I am so happy.
I am blessed shorty wife of a Navy Sailor Texan man.
I am not totally deaf but, I still have a beautiful life.
I am a sinner but forgiven.
I stumble but knows how to rise up.
I am a very friendly and jolly but straightforward person.
Most of all, I am loved.

I do not idle, I like being busy Mommy. Since I was a kid I had a passion for selling. Ten years ago, my husband built my website so I can sell my own crochet hats, and bags that you might love then later I shifted to selling clothes online. When I was active in crocheting, customers were asking for patterns but I do not have one because I don't know how to make one. Anyways welcome to my blog site. 
Taken on July 2, 2013
I am still building my blogsite. I created this blog site of mine to remind myself of God's faithfulness, and power in my life. I made it public so that maybe some of the readers will know that I have a BIG, unlimited God who loves everyone, and those who call upon His Name, Jesus will be saved(Acts 16:31).

I am not afraid to declare that I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. I have many flaws just like the broken jar above. Even right now, my God still working on me, but I believe that God will perfect me someday. I agree with my daughter, singing "HE STILL WORKING ON ME".

I knew that my grammar is bad but I hope that readers will understand my point. Thank you for visiting my site. Have a wonderful day to you and know that Jesus Loves You too.

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