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Leaving Arizona for Good

For America September 11 is a historical day when my husband was called to fight for a war against Afghanistan. Today, September 11, 2018 another BIG EVENT for my

The Pence Family with Big Red-Castles-N-Coasters Amusement Park in Phoenix, Arizona

My husband and I agreed to take Big Red with us in Castles N Coasters Park today. We call him Big Red because of his

Hiking in Arizona-White Tank Regional

We took a short hike today. The weather is quite good, not too hot and too cold either. Although it is kinda hot to me but I think I am used to with Arizona. Ninety one degrees is not too bad.

Lyn's Gardening Results - October 2015

Today, I gathered some cowpeas, sweet potato tops, and Egyptian Spinach fro our breakfast. I grow up from a very poor family in the Philippines which we do not recognize certain or specific food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because of poverty,

Gardening in Arizona

I bought some cheap wood from Home Depot
and make a wall for my garden. I used these bags of sand which been there for a year to hold the wood in place. I mixed up the original soil in our backyard with the regular all-purpose miracle grow garden soil from Home Depot.

Arizona Science Museum with Our Kiddos

Yesterday, my husband and I agreed to bring our kids here in Arizona Science Museum. Family time is precious. One way of knowing our kids is by bringing our kiddos in any educational museum. The purpose is too see their interest. Here we are in Arizona Science Museum.

More of My Crochet Handmade in 2011

I made several crochet bags, hats, and beanies that my family and I enjoyed. Some of my friends ordered from me and enjoyed working with my hands. 

1. Crochet Hats for my Little Prince

How Did I Start Knitting and Crocheting

Every knitter and crocheter has their own story on how they started crocheting and knitting. To me, I can say that it was adventurous because I learned new things, and it was fulfilling because I can make my own purses, blankets, hats, and other things that I enjoy. However, it was discouraging because I couldn't follow the patterns, and it was painful because my hands were not

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