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2020 Christmas Pictures and Springtown Lights

Today is the second year that we visited the giant Christmas tree in Springtown town. Every year I think Springtown been decorating this place every Christmas. The open hall, the whole garden square of Springtown is gorgeous! You must come and visit this place at night time or take a walk with your wife just to see the lights. 

Early Opening of Christmas Gifts

Our kids were begging me to open their gift since last week after Thanksgiving but I told them they can open their gifts on December first. I granted their wish.

2019 Selfies In front of The Giant Christmas Tree

After church, we went to take selfies in front of the giant Christmas tree here in Springtown. I took many pictures for memories to keep. Love taking and keeping more pictures.

2018 The Pences Christmas Pictures

We didn't put up our Christmas tree so we took our Christmas family pictures in front of the church Christmas tree. Since everybody was busy talking, come let's take selfies.

2017 More Christmas Pictures

We went to celebrate Christmas with Dad Steve and Herminia and her family in Houston. This was a blast, we all have fun. 

2016 Pence Christmas Pictures


Wish you all Merry Christmas. May your presents are many, your worries few and your joy is endless. For unto us a child is born...Isaiah 9:6

Building Ginger Bread Together

Building gingerbread together was fun. The kids and my husband had a blast especially these two. Getting ready for Christmas. Whoooohoooooohooo.

December 25, 2008

We stayed home on our first year of Christmas together. My good husband pampered me by buying a portable spa. I wasn't ready for the camera, that is why I was hiding. Merry Christmas to you, Honey.

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