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My First Attemp To Plant Sayote (Chayote)-Springtown, Texas

Today, I attempted to plant two sayote(chayote) in a 5-galloon bucket. My fellow Filipino people call it sayote. I will see if I can keep them alive this incoming winter and transfer them directly to the ground if I can. I have no idea if this will work. I am having fun experimenting to plant sayote.

From My Garden to Yours-I am Selling Seeds Out of My Organic Garden

This is my first attempt to sell my own seeds from my garden. I have some seeds of Egyptian spinach, sunflower seeds, and okra available to ship today. If you are interested to purchase some of these seeds,

Whew, Lemongrass is Coming to Life!-Growing Lemongrass in Springtown, Texas

Last August 10, I bought lemongrass from the Asian store
and I planted it the next day on August 11. I mixed a little sand, regular gardening soil, and perlite. Today, when I went to water my garden I saw some new leaves popping out. I am so thrilled to see that:) Check my last blog about this lemongrass

Benefits of LEMONGRASS:

Canna Lilies Thrive Well in Springtown, Texas

I bought canna lilies from this guy in Weatherford named Curt through the Facebook market. I planted them directly to the ground last August 6, 2020 and they are alive and well. I water them generously. I am hoping for the best next year. Some of these cannas gave me beautiful flowers already:)

Flower Bulbs and Irises Are Growing in The Middle of Summer, Yay For Me!

Today I took a picture of my growing bulbs and irises. On July 22, 2020, I planted these guys that I took from the house owner in Azle. Since they were selling the house, he didn't care about the plants surrounding the house so I went to pull some of them. I planted irises, and unidentified bulbs and as I watch them bringing out new leaves, it gives me hope that they will give me beautiful flowers next year.

Planting Moringa in August 2020-Springtown, Texas Zone 8a

August 16.2020. My goal is to grow a moringa now in order to establish its roots. I have 8 months from now to take care of this moringa in a pot and plant them directly to the ground next year.

Planting Lemon Grass/ Cymbopogon Grass-Silky Head Gardening in Springtown, Texas

August 11, 2020. I went with my friend Anne in the Asian market yesterday and I grabbed 2pcs of lemongrass.  I planted it in a regular soil mixed with perlite beads. I am very new to this perlite thing. There are 3 reasons why I enjoy lemongrass in my garden is first when I trim the lemongrass bushes, the aromatic smell of lemon is everywhere. Second, I like to add my fresh lemongrass on top of my cooked rice(when cooked rice is about to be done). Third, I like to boil the lemongrass as tea in the morning. 

August 2020 Vegetable Harvest-Springtown, Texas

Today, I am very pleased to see the fruits of my small garden. This year is my first year playing around with gardening here in Springtown, Texas. I'm no expert like my father. This year and next year will be my learning years on what to plant, how to take care of the plants, and to propagate them. More pictures of my harvest below.

Swing is Life in The Backyard-Lyn Pence Texas Life

I finished pouring the stones in my circle garden. I am satisfied with the result of my work but I might redo some stonework in the future. My plan is to move the round stepping stone and create a pathway next year. My father in law brought the garden table and chairs set 3 days ago in Dallas and my family went to take it. 

So It is True Growing Onion in A Cup of Water

July 28, 2020. Today, I found out that you can really grow your own onion in a cup of water. I might cut all my onions and grow some more and transplant them as my winter plants. 

Making My Own Compost in My Own Way-Lyn Pence

Making my own compost is actually made from the grass that my husband mowed. After mowing the grass in our backyard, I raked them early in the morning and dumped it in my compost bins and in the garden boxes. Wait for a few days, the grass will subside. On the top of the mowed grass, I added my gardening soil which is mixed with peat moss, humus, regular soil, and sand.

Experimenting and Planting More Plants in Middle of July-Texas Gardening

My family and I purchased swan pots from a couple from Azle, Texas last week who were selling their house. I also asked if I can pull some of these bulb flower plants at their backyard and they said I can take any plants I want. Today, I planted some iris flower but I have no idea what color(I searched what bulb flower has very flat leaves). I have another bulb that I got from their backyard but I cannot identify it because it has no flower. 

Growing Beautiful Sunflowers-God of Wonders-Texas Gardening

I remember a few months ago, I planted these sunflowers directly to the ground.
 I like to play around what plants can be planted directly to the ground here in Springtown, Texas. I also wanted to know if these flowers needed some special care. Was curious and now I am enjoying the beauty of these sunflowers. I never had sunflower plants before. I measured this beauty and she is 8 inches wide not including the petals. 

Sometimes I Mock At Myself or I Pity Myself Because Gardening is Also Hardwork

There are many times I mock at myself because my very dream
is to treat a patient in a nice dental clinic and it didn't happen. I have a profession in which if I go home right now in the Philippines, I can practice Dentistry. Sometimes I asked myself what am I doing here under the sun? I am sweaty and dirty. A nice clinic is way better than being bitten by

Having a Garden is Therapeutic-Stress Reliever

Gardening can improve your physical and emotional well-being. Whether it’s a few plants in the windowsill, containers on a deck, beds, and borders in the yard or a vegetable plot, gardens big and small can reap big benefits for you and your family.

Eating the Fruits of My Garden

Here in the United States of America or anywhere in the world they have specific breakfast to eat. I grow up in poverty which we are thankful to whatever is in our table. So, this morning since I didn't yearn for bacon, egg, or pancake (typical American breakfast).

My Husband Built a Trellis for My Gourd Plant

Today my husband built a trellis for my calabash gourd plant(upo in Tagalog). It is not as fancy as other trellis but functional. I tried to plant gourd if it will survive in my garden. Sometimes I think that some plants do not survive on me (lol). Thank you very much, my beloved husband, for the trellis :)

Planting Cherry Tree in Springtown, Texas

When I saw my friend's picture on Facebook picking up cherries in her backyard
, it interests me. I love cherries, they are not so sweet but bursting with flavor as soon as you take a bite on it. So, today I planted one, I hope that it will grow fast so I will enjoy its fruit before we will move into a new house someday. 

Because It Rains My Vegetable Garden Started To Bloom

Fresh Veggies From My Garden
Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! For 3 consecutive days, its been raining heavily. Today, I went to check my garden and I am much happier with what I saw. The dying flower of the black-eyed peas shows its beautiful lavender flower.

Planting Mandevilla in Springtown, Texas

Today, I planted this flowering vine directly to the ground that caught my attention yesterday while we were in Lowes. I want to experiment if this flowering vine called Mandevilla will survive until winter here in Springtown. There are 5 months to ground itself and hoping it will bloom this coming Spring 2021. Though I read some comments that Mandevilla flowering plant loves heat and won't survive the winter.

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