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Another 70 Pieces of Masks is Sold Out-I am a Masks Maker

Another 70pcs of facemasks are sold out today. Miss B. came and pick up these masks and told me to make fall and Christmas masks. Thank you so much Miss B. I am very happy that my customers are happy with my handmade masks. According to Miss B, their workers said my masks are great, they are not tight. They perfectly fit adult and big people. 

My Good Husband Modeled My Handmade Printed Masks of Star Wars Character

WHY CHOOSE MY HANDMADE MASKS? According to my customers, they love my masks because it is not tight. Perfect fit for an adult. It is also washable double sometimes triple cotton material. My handmade masks have pleats for comfortable breathing.
Product: facemasks

2pcs of Masks for Men University of Texas Longhorn Prints Washable with Filter Pocket Handmade by Lyn

Receive it within 2-4 days
Product: facemasks
Quantity: 2pcs
Size to ship: 2 (L)
With pocket filter
Brand new without tag.

Ready for Pick Up 60pcs of Masks for Men and Women

Today, one of my loyal customers is going to pick up 60pcs of hand masks that I made for 3  days. She wanted is 30pcs for men and 30pcs for women. I always give FREE items for my loyal customers. Today, I sent her 65pcs of masks. She told me that they are running a company that requires wearing their mask all the time. Want to order yours, please contact me.

Non_Ending Masks Making is Normal To Me

Floral prints are the choices of some women.
So, I made several floral printed masks today. Wearing your masks is protecting yourself and the person next to you. My sister in law from Japan is wearing a mask since even COVID-19 begun. Her reason was to protect her from the dust. She also used them a lot when she is inside the airplane. Remember when you are inside the airplane you are breathing everybody's noses. Whether you like it or not, it is true!

During Quarantine I Made More Solid Color Masks for Men

During the quarantine days, I made more solid color masks for men. Most men asked for solid color masks so I ordered more fabric from Amazon. Because the ones that I ordered last March 2020 didn't arrive yet. It was frustrating

Repurposed Unsold Brand New Clothes To Beautiful Masks

I have some cotton adult dresses and kids' clothes that is been sitting in my storage room. I made a decision to turn them into masks since I have very limited fabric. I already placed an order on Amazon but it will take 2 weeks before it will arrive here. I went to check Walmart, Jo-ann, and Hobby Lobby, and some stores were closed. I tried to order online but they are out of stocks. 

My Very First Handmade Mask During the Covid-19 Pandemic Days

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the mask is gone. Some vendors sell their mask way too high price. And I thought maybe I can help to produce masks and sell them at affordable prices. Yes, I did, I started making my own pattern and build some mask. These masks that I modeled are masks without pocket filter and it is the very first ones that I made.  

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