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My Hairdo Today

Nah, I have nothing to do today so I was just playing with my new hair accessory. I bought a hair scrunchie online and I think I love it. I got very thin hair and I have a hard time making a hair bun. 

Sometimes I Mock At Myself or I Pity Myself Because Gardening is Also Hardwork

There are many times I mock at myself because my very dream
is to treat a patient in a nice dental clinic and it didn't happen. I have a profession in which if I go home right now in the Philippines, I can practice Dentistry. Sometimes I asked myself what am I doing here under the sun? I am sweaty and dirty. A nice clinic is way better than being bitten by

Good Morning to Myself

Lyn do not start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday.
Each morning is a gift.
Each morning represents a brand new day of life.
Don't be afraid to start again.
Keep going. 
Cheer up!-by Lyn Pence

When I am Bitter Inside I Like to Say What I Have To Say

I am not a perfect Christian or believer in Christ. One of my weakness is I cannot control own tongue. Though the years, I have been praying to God to purify my tongue but it seems that it won't go away especially when I am bitter inside. I still believe in the power of prayer that someday my tongue will be born-again in the name of Jesus. 

Ruffled Mermaid Cut Denim Long Skirt for Women

I am a short woman with 4'9 height and I weigh 128lbs. Anyway, I want to show you this mermaid denim skirt which is so fabulous. My friends and my husband adored this long denim ruffled skirt too.

Fashion Ruffled Black Blouse for Women

I love ruffles. If you are interested also in this black ruffled blouse, please CLICK ME in order to view the sizes and color options for this blouse for women. 

Fashion Black Earrings Party Jewelries Hoop Earrings

Black hoop crystal earrings are gorgeous. If you are interested also in these black crystal hoop earrings, PLEASE CLICK ME.

2019 October My Selfie Pic

I must overcome being shy and be me, just like in my old days. So that when I am so old and those wrinkles will rule over my face, I will remember that I was once young.

Ugh, I Still Weigh 130lbs

Ugh, I still weigh 130 lbs. My target is 120-125lbs in order for me to wear one of my favorite dresses on my incoming 40th birthday in a few months from now. It is not a brand new dress, 

Is It Embarrassing to Wear a Hair Wig?

Is it embarrassing to wear a hair wig? I think NO. If you ask me honestly, I am very shy to wear a hair wig because this is not

Scariest Body Rashes-What is Happening To Me?

Life is full of surprises. Just like me today, I woke up with very itchy rashes all over my body accompanied by painful sore arms and legs where the most rashes are.

Journal 1-My Own Way 30 Days Challenge Losing Weight

Today, September 2019, I started my journey of losing weight. I am currently 138lbs which I am obese according to BMI. I am a shorty woman of 4 feet and 9 inches in height. I am about to turn 40 and I am afraid my metabolism won't cooperate with me anymore if I do not lose weight right now.

2019 September My Selfie Pic

I think in today's high technology is an advantage for everybody. During our grandfather and grandmother's time, cameras and phones were rare, only for those who are rich. Now a days either rich or poor, have their own mobile phones.

According to psychologist when you take too many selfies you have

My Daughter and I Match-Cute Denim Dress

Several days ago before the festival here in our small town, I was thinking of what to wear and I remembered my stock denim dresses. Oh yes, these are very cute denim dresses for mother and daughter. So during the festival, my daughter and I wore a matching denim dresses and it was great for me. My husband said I was a chic. Oh yes!

New Black Necklace with Big Black Pendant for Me

Ohh, I received my new black necklace in the mail today and I love it. Most often, I wear dark colors and I do not have black necklace to go with it. Black goes with everything.

Beautiful Floral Jewelry Set for Women

When it comes to jewelry I am choosy. I do not like big, giant jewelries but when I saw this jewelry, I challenge myself to wear one and I love it. I think its not

I am Lyn Pence

 My real name is Rudelyn Pence. Proud to say I am from the tribe of Igorot people from the Northern, Philippines but currently living here in America. I am a Mommy of two and a wife of a handsome Texan man. I speak five languages but this doesn't make me a genius. My family loves me being a short woman of 4 feet and 9 inches tall.

From Size 6 to Size 8 Shoe

No more beautiful feet for me. My feet got big during my first pregnancy. 

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