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2020 Christmas Pictures and Springtown Lights

Today is the second year that we visited the giant Christmas tree in Springtown town. Every year I think Springtown been decorating this place every Christmas. The open hall, the whole garden square of Springtown is gorgeous! You must come and visit this place at night time or take a walk with your wife just to see the lights. 

2019 Selfies In front of The Giant Christmas Tree

After church, we went to take selfies in front of the giant Christmas tree here in Springtown. I took many pictures for memories to keep. Love taking and keeping more pictures.

The Pences-Day 11 in Texas-Visiting Our Small Town of Springtown

My family is thrilled with our new house, new people to meet, new small town. We took a drive and visited some of these buildings that is available for us here in Springtown, Texas. 

2018 Springtown, Texas Wild West Festival

Day 5 in Texas. This is our very first time to attend the festival because we are very new here in Springtown. Wow, its really neat because there are people who really dress up like old times which is

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