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Celebrating Our 12th Year Wedding Anniversary

Earlier today my husband asked me if he can borrow my wedding ring. In my mind that was weird. And also requested me to

Celebrating Our 11th Year Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our wedding anniversary in a restaurant in Forthworth. I just can't remember what is the name of that place. Beware! Signs of aging, 😂😄😅.

Celebrating Our 10th Year Wedding Anniversary

We missed celebrating our wedding anniversary this year, 2018 in a restaurant or a place but we are still thankful we got each other. Dear Lord, I pray for a stronger marriage for the years to come.

Celebrating Our 9th Year Wedding Anniversary

Dear Lord, bless our marriage. Teach us to love each other in the years to come. Teach us to accept each other's failures and differences. Heal our hearts of our painful, ugly past and teach us to move on for the sake of our kids. We give our marriage into Your hands, Amen.

Celebrating Our 8th Year Wedding Anniversary

Happy 8th year wedding anniversary to us. Time flies. "To my dear husband, happy anniversary to us. Know that you are a good husband. Though we have many struggles still we hold each other. I pray for more anniversaries to come. I always pray for you. Love and prayer, Lyn."

Celebrating Our 4rth Year Wedding Anniversary

 I can't believe it is already the fourth year of our wedding anniversary. Oops, my hair was shorter.  What happened Lyn? 

Celebrating Our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

This is my first time to be away from my babies since they were born. This is also our first time to date again to spend time together without the kids. 

Celebrating Our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

My handsome husband baked a chicken for our second year anniversary. He prepared a small dinner for us tonight. Happy anniversary to you my love. I am blessed I got a husband that can cooks.

Celebrating Our First Year Anniversary with Our Little Boy-Part 2

My husband saves a little money just to bring us here to the Rainforest Cafe for our very first. anniversary. Eww, too expensive for me, but well for him spending time together won't replace by money. Eating in a very expensive restaurant once a year isn't too bad.

Celebrating Our First Year Anniversary with Our Little Boy-Part 1

Pastor Steve Sutill granted our request that we are going to dedicate our two mos old son to God. It is not a baptism. We are asking Pastor Steve Suttill and the church to pray for our little boy. 

Our Wedding-November 29, 2008

The best day of my life was to marry Adam Pence. I married the man I believe that will love me for the rest of his life. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part, according to God's law, and this is my solemn vow.  

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