Meeting Anne and Scott_Praying that Our Friendship Will Last Long

Today, I decided to give away these black-eyed peas to Anne.
 She is a fellow Filipina married to a white man. The good thing about us is we are really neighbors in the Philippines. Her house is 15 minutes drive away from our house in the Philippines. I never meet her but we texted each other before. I got to know her because of her son is working in Brookshire grocery store.

August 2020 Vegetable Harvest-Springtown, Texas

Today, I am very pleased to see the fruits of my small garden. This year is my first year playing around with gardening here in Springtown, Texas. I'm no expert like my father. This year and next year will be my learning years on what to plant, how to take care of the plants, and to propagate them. More pictures of my harvest below.

Swing is Life in The Backyard-Lyn Pence Texas Life

I finished pouring the stones in my circle garden. I am satisfied with the result of my work but I might redo some stonework in the future. My plan is to move the round stepping stone and create a pathway next year. My father in law brought the garden table and chairs set 3 days ago in Dallas and my family went to take it. 

So It is True Growing Onion in A Cup of Water

July 28, 2020. Today, I found out that you can really grow your own onion in a cup of water. I might cut all my onions and grow some more and transplant them as my winter plants. 

Treat Every Morning As Another Day of New Life

Lyn do not start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday.
Each morning is a gift.
Each morning represents a brand new day of life.
Don't be afraid to start again.
Keep going. 
Cheer up!-by Lyn Pence

My Rest Day Today-My Husband Pampered Me Today

I don't feel like gardening today, lol. My husband pampered me today by massaging my feet while laying in the recliner chair. I like taking naps after all the hard work in the backyard. He took care of the kitchen and made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for our lunch. 

Making My Own Compost in My Own Way-Lyn Pence

Making my own compost is actually made from the grass that my husband mowed. After mowing the grass in our backyard, I raked them early in the morning and dumped it in my compost bins and in the garden boxes. Wait for a few days, the grass will subside. On the top of the mowed grass, I added my gardening soil which is mixed with peat moss, humus, regular soil, and sand.

Experimenting and Planting More Plants in Middle of July-Texas Gardening

My family and I purchased swan pots from a couple from Azle, Texas last week who were selling their house. I also asked if I can pull some of these bulb flower plants at their backyard and they said I can take any plants I want. Today, I planted some iris flower but I have no idea what color(I searched what bulb flower has very flat leaves). I have another bulb that I got from their backyard but I cannot identify it because it has no flower. 

Growing Beautiful Sunflowers-God of Wonders-Texas Gardening

I remember a few months ago, I planted these sunflowers directly to the ground.
 I like to play around what plants can be planted directly to the ground here in Springtown, Texas. I also wanted to know if these flowers needed some special care. Was curious and now I am enjoying the beauty of these sunflowers. I never had sunflower plants before. I measured this beauty and she is 8 inches wide not including the petals. 

Creating FREE Cute Double Bow Headbands for Girls with Star Prints and Laces

Three customers ordered the same girls' dresses so I decided to make a free double bow lacy headband with printed stars for each customer. One order is for 4t/bigger girls so I made one which has a plastic band.

I Experienced Terrible Stomach Pain-God Have Mercy on Me

When it comes to health,
I have some issues too. Even when we were still residing in Arizona, I tried to visit a doctor but they cannot pinpoint what is my problem. When doctors diagnosed me they say, "You are perfectly fine.", I am nervous. I am nervous because I knew something is wrong with me. 

Sometimes I Mock At Myself or I Pity Myself Because Gardening is Also Hardwork

There are many times I mock at myself because my very dream
is to treat a patient in a nice dental clinic and it didn't happen. I have a profession in which if I go home right now in the Philippines, I can practice Dentistry. Sometimes I asked myself what am I doing here under the sun? I am sweaty and dirty. A nice clinic is way better than being bitten by

July 2020 Pence Family Pictures-Selfies

It is good to keep taking pictures of yourself and your family to remember good times. Taking
 a lot of pictures now will save you from regrets in the future. When wrinkles are finally settling in our faces(my husband and me) at least we will remember that once upon a time we were young. My Dad always says "Our strength will not stay forever. Our strength doesn't go up but goes down.".

Spending Time with My Family-Playing Monopoly for the First Time

My kids and I never played a monopoly before. My husband has been wanting to play monopoly with us so he ordered it from Amazon since Walmart is out of stock since the COVID breakout. So we tried and Ohh boy, we took a break because it is a long game. Let us see who is going to win this game,

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