Kids Enjoying Their Extended Vacation

Our children are enjoying their extended vacation from school. Sometimes they complain that school is making their brains tired because of many things to remember.

January 2021-1 Gardening in Springtown, Texas

Today, I visited my garden and I do not know how to start because dried weeds are everywhere. My tools are everywhere since I never work in my garden for a couple of months since fall. This is the perfect month to spread cedar mulch all over my garden. 

God said "ASK"

I was reading the book of Matthew chapters 16-21
and this verse hit me hard Matthew 21:22. So, I closed my eyes to restore America. This nation was once a God-fearing country or Christian country. If only all prayer warriors or anybody who has compassion for the United States of America will come to Jesus and we all join together in prayer, America will become great again. Even President Trump is not the president anymore, whoever will be the president, God has His own way to restore America if we believe. 

January First of Year 2021-It Snowed

I woke up at 8:30 this morning
and it snowed all over the ground. My family went out last night to enjoy the snow but I was so tired to keep up with them. Then by 10am the snow melted. Wish we have thicker snow😀 like Kansas or Canada.

Visited Mom Roxanne's Graveyard

...TO LIVE IS CHRIST and TO DIE IS GAIN. Philippians 1:21

Bye Kansas for Now

Before we left Kansas I asked Uncle Troy, Logan, and her daughter Julian for a family picture. I love to know that I belong to the Funk-Pence family. We'll be praying for ya'll. We love yall and thank you for your generosity. 

December 28, 2020 At The Clinton Lake, Kansas

Uncle Allen Johnson was a former Chief of Firefighters before(Lawrence, KS). He served for 38 years if I remembered right. He, Aunt Robin, and Marley took us to Sir Rex Johnson's house(father of Uncle Allen). And from Sir Rex's house, approximately 3 miles away, where lake Clinton was located. It was terribly cold. Lake is manmade (1974) and it's beautiful! Wish we knew better to brought our thicker winter coats. 

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